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Melody Newcomb
"When you feel perpetually unmotivated, you start questioning your existence in an unhealthy way; everything becomes a pseudo intellectual question you have no interest in responding whatsoever. This whole process becomes your very skin and it does not merely affect you; it actually defines you. So, you see yourself as a shadowy figure unworthy of developing interest, unworthy of wondering about the world - profoundly unworthy in every sense and deeply absent in your very presence."
Ingmar Bergman (via deaths-and-entrances)

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"People get mad when you treat them how they treat you."

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Lake Rebta, Senegal - Experts say the lake gives off its pink hue due to cyanobacteria, a harmless halophilic bacteria found in the water. It also has a high salt content, much like that of the Dead Sea, allowing people to float effortlessly in the pink water